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Our Mission

At Universal Homeopathic NZ Ltd, we always aim to:
  • Put your needs first.
  • Respect your privacy and dignity.
  • Treat you and everyone else fairly, respectfully, sensitively and appropriately, without discrimination.
  • Act honestly and with professional integrity.
  • Work to foster and maintain your trust and the trust of the general public.
  • Listen actively and respect your views and your right to personal choice.
  • Provide comprehensive and understandable information to allow you to make an informed choice.
  • Respect and protect your confidentiality.
  • Be humble always.
  • See always what difference you can make in lives of others.
  • Always compare yourself with yourself, never with anyone else.
  • Disclose confidential information only in clearly-defined circumstances.
  • Maintain and develop our professional knowledge and skills.
  • Practice creatively, but only within the boundaries of our own competence.
  • Respond promptly and constructively to concerns, criticisms or complaints.
  • Respect the skills of other health care professionals and, where possible, work in co-operation with them.
  • Comply with the current legislation of Newzealand.
  • To ensure excellence in patients’ treatment.
  • Except in an exceptional situation (for example, where the law obliges it) the details of cases are not discussed, other than patient.
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