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Acute Care

Phone or In-Person Consultations for Short-term (Acute) Illnesses - even if you are not already my patient!

I work with and help many people when they come down with a bug or other ailment. Homeopathy can be very effective in helping with many colds, flu, urinary tract infections, stomach aches, headaches, coughs, diarrhea, strains, sprains and injuries, and a wide variety of other short-term illnesses.

If you are already a patient, we can figure out your remedy over the phone and the charge is $10. That charge covers however many phone calls are needed to help you recover from that ailment.

If you aren't already a patient and want to use homeopathy for your cold, flu or other acute ailment, the charge is $50 plus the cost of the remedy. In this situation, it is best we meet in person to find a remedy for your ailment. Please call to set up an appointment. Phone Consultation Questionnaire for Acute Illnesses

Please save this acute prescribing questionnaire and have it by your phone or stored in your computer for the next time you call me for help with an acute ailment. This questionnaire helps us collect enough information to find a good remedy for you quickly and efficiently.

1. Onset--did the complaint come on suddenly or gradually?

2. The cause. What happened? What was going on at, or about, the time of the occurrence?

3. Describe the pain or other feelings or sensations. Does it extend anywhere, does it shoot anywhere? For instance, "It feels like there's a crumb in my throat, I'm constantly trying to swallow. The pain shoots to my left ear."

4. What does the person, or the part that's bothering the person, look like; anything remarkable? Red skin, droopy eyes, raised spots, etc.?

5. Where on the body?

6. What makes the complaint better or worse? Consider these possibilities: is the person or complaint better or worse with heat or cold, bathing, warm rooms, fresh air, drafts, motion; also consider if there is a time of day when person gets worse, what position is best/worse; is the person better or worse with certain stimuli--conversation, noise, light, touch, pressure, massage, music, company, consolation, etc.

7. Additional symptoms that came with the main complaint-for instance, pain with crying; pain with excessive salivation; pain with nausea-the things that have come along for the ride, fellow-travelers, in other words.

8. Discharges and their color, odor and consistency. (A discharge is anything liquid that's coming out, oozing out, etc. from any part of the body. So, for instance, runny nose, diarrhea, tearing and so on.)

9. General symptoms-these are all the "I" symptoms: I'm hot, I'm cold, I'm thirsty, I'm tired, I'm sad, I'm irritable, I'm hungry, I want pickles, etc. These symptoms are particularly important if the person, for example, is chilly, but becomes hot with this headache.

10. The mental-emotional symptoms: Have the mental or emotional characteristics of the person changed from how they are normally, and if so, in what way? What is different mentally and emotionally? For example: A child who is normally self-confident and outgoing suddenly, with an earache, becomes weepy and clingy.

11. What does the person say? For instance: "I'm fine, leave me alone." "Don't leave!" "I wanna go home!" "I want ice", etc. These symptoms are particularly important if the person, for example, likes to be around people, but with their cold wants to be left along and not talked to.

12. Thirst--is the person thirsty, not thirsty, what temperature drinks, what kind of drinks, does he only want sips, or gulps, does he drink a little bit frequently or a lot infrequently, and so on.

13. Fever?

14. Sweating?

15. Odors? Are odors an issue, such as bad breath, foul odors of any sort?

16. What is most striking about the condition? What is most peculiar--for instance, person is cold but heat and covers make them feel worse; the person has burning pains but is better for being covered and with hot drinks like tea.
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